If you’re responsible for hiring a speaker for your event, team or organisation – you want to get it right.

Your choice reflects on you and your reputation. Misjudge it and you know it will be noticed (and probably commented upon, even if only in private).

For a speaker on how to use and get the most out of Microsoft 365, you can turn with confidence to Shelley Fishel - The MS Office Maestro


Shelley Fishel can hold an audience’s attention from start to finish, with authority, high energy and humour.

She is able to simplify the mysteries of Microsoft 365 and share practical know-how, so people leave with a way to do things easier, faster and with greater confidence.

Shelley Fishel has been delivering Microsoft Office training for 20+ years, both in the classroom and online.

She has worked with numerous corporate clients and now helps Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Virtual Assistants to develop their Microsoft 365 skills.

Her outstanding knowledge of the applications and upgrades is matched by her ability to convey ways to complete practical tasks with simplicity and humour.

Whether it is Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel Word or Microsoft Teams, Shelley helps people ‘get it’.

 No wonder that clients and audiences around the world described Shelley as ‘The Queen of Microsoft Office’ and now call her …


An authoritative author, Shelley has written 48 definitive books and manuals on Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams which have been translated into several languages.

Shelley takes her training and subject seriously. As you would expect, she is fully qualified. She is a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF) and a Certified Designer of Online Learning, both accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), of which she is also a Fellow.  
You can book Shelley Fishel to deliver one of her core talks or ask for a customised 30 to 90-minute talk, designed to serve your audience and specific requirements. 

Topics include

From Word to powerPoint - the art of creating a slide deck from a word document

When your executive hands you a long Word Document and says : "Please create an all singing all dancing PowerPoint slide deck for me - oh and I need it by tomorrow"    - your heart sinks. 
In this session Shelley Fishel - The MS Office Maestro will show you how to shortcut that process and get it done in record time and to an excellent standard. Your executive will thank you!

Teams for Assistants

In the current working climate, we have all had to adjust. However, Microsoft Teams was around before the pandemic and it is getting better by the day.

 There are so many things you can do when working in Teams, from chatting with your colleagues to collaborating on documents and using Apps effectively.  In this session we will cover:
•What Teams is •
Teams and Channels – the difference
 •How to set up a Team and Channels
 •How to add Apps to channels
 •How to use Chat for chat or to make an announcement
 •Meetings in Teams and what you can do in them.
 •Introduction to Breakout Rooms 

Enhance your PowerPoint presentations

Feeling overwhelmed and fed up when asked to create a presentation? Stop spending hours wondering how to do things faster in PowerPoint. Let me show you how to create amazing presentations. Learn the really elegant way of doing things - saving hours in the process. Starting with a tour of the Slide Master you will learn how to create your own unique layouts to add to the standard ones. Have the perfect slide in another presentation and want to add it here? No problem we will learn how to bring it in with or without its formatting – and what that means for your presentation! You will also learn how to create unique slides by combining shapes and pictures to create truly stunning designs along with animating them for good effect. Finally learn how to turn your presentation into a movie. 

Tools for Collaboration in Office 365

In today’s hybrid working environment we use many types of application. Microsoft 365 is particularly suited to hybrid or collaborative working.

 Collaboration happens when a document is stored in OneDrive or SharePoint or Teams and other people apart from the owner are invited to share it.

Depending on the permissions set others can edit and change a document. 

How to create excellent spreadsheets

Most of us use Excel and only scratch the surface. By learning about these features you will find working in Excel more pleasurable and easier!
 •Functions for formatting text
 •Flash Fill to extract information in a flash or add information in a flash
 •Use Tables in Excel to sort filter total and subtotal your data
 •Extract the First Name and Last Name from a cell that has a name written in full
 •Name cells to make formulae easier to read and use 

End your Outlook Overwhelm

Your Inbox is overflowing, you feel completely overwhelmed. You are scheduling appointments right left and centre and you know there must be an easier way.

An easier way to file email, find email, generally keep on top of things. Not to mention the back and forth when booking appointments.

You will leave this session with tools that equip you to stop the overwhelm and stay on top of your Outlook life.

Don't see a topic you would like covered?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements - Shelley can deliver on any Microsoft Office topic.

The PA Show - Excel London 2022

About Shelley Fishel

Shelley didn’t get the education she wanted when she was younger. By the time she was 17, she had left school to take over running her father’s business. So, she’s always had a head for organizing. Give her a list and she’s happy. Done √ Next!  

When her kids grew, and she moved back into the workforce 25 years ago she streamlined admin processes and then found a wonderful training company where she learned her trade as a trainer.  Her next step was starting her own training company.

She discovered she loved working with PAs and EAs. She gets how they think and what they do. They have lots of different responsibilities and contacts; they’re the lynchpin, sorting everything and everybody out. And above all, their goal is to help their executive perform at their best.

Shelley can relate to that, because she wants nothing more than to help YOU perform at your best.  

Over the years she’s realized that she loves to break down complex activities into simple steps that she can explain in a step-by-step practical way. #loveroflists  

Even though she is a Microsoft expert, having sold over 2.5 million books about Microsoft techniques, translated into several languages, she prefers to say she helps you get things done quicker, easier, and more elegantly (and without drowning in Google first).    

As one of her long-term clients said about her recently: “Shelley’s like the angel on my shoulder”.

Here's What People Are Saying About Shelley's sessions

"Another fantastic session from Shelley - the time just goes too quickly and again, I have learned lots of new tips & tricks" 

Deb Harding – PA Forum Event

"You can guarantee that Shelley will always have some time saving tips and if you have a problem she will know how to fix it". – Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw Executive Assistant

 "If I could only have half my life back from fixing presentations… today’s #STYLES is simply easy with @shelleyfishel " #ExecSecTech

 "Learning so much from @shelleyfishel – Deciding how to use all those hours I’m saving – I think shoe shopping"  #ExecSecTech

 I like Shelley's style of training, she makes everything easy to understand. I always learn something new from Shelley's training sessions.  
Rachel Phillips – PA Forum Event

“Shelley made the session very engaging and easy to understand. Although she had minimum time she got across all the main points we wanted to cover in an easy to understand manner. The session moved at a good pace without feeling rushed. I’m now looking forward to reading the book!!”
Tracey Woodward - PA Show Manchester