Introducing the Office Skills Mastery Series of Mini Courses

Hello - I am Shelley Fishel - The MS Office Maestro and the founder of tomorrow's VA.

I pride myself on providing top notch training on Microsoft 365 Office Applications for Assistants of all kinds.

My mission - to help you get more done in less time and often it is the little things that get in the way!

I created Essential Office for The Savvy Assistant which is a large collection of over 22 years of delivering training whether that be in person or online. I created large courses that include all my knowledge for each of the applications.

However when I started out, I really wanted to create bite sized lessons that you could access just when you needed them.

I realised that sometimes you need to focus on just one part of an applicaiton and not the whole kit and caboodle. That is how this series of Mini Courses came about.

Each mini course covers a chunk of an applicaiton be that working with audio and video in PowerPoint or getting your sums to add up in Excel.

Each mini course is priced at just £149 and you can buy just the one you need or all of them ( although if you decide you need them all, then Essential Office for The Savvy Assistant would be a much better deal).

So what is the Office Skills Mastery Series of Mini Courses?

A collection of mini courses that will teach you how to use Microsoft Office applications effectively and efficiently.  

Whether you want to create professional documents with Word, analyse data with Excel, design presentations with PowerPoint, manage emails with Outlook, or collaborate with Teams, we have a course for you.  

All the lessons are short video tutorials mainly between 3 and 7 minutes long.  

Get to grips with what you need quickly - created and delivered by Shelley Fishel – The MS Office Maestro, that will help you up your game with Microsoft Applications.  

Click the picture to go to the course page for each series 

PowerPoint Sills Series
Excel Skills
Format Transition Animate PowerPoint
PowerPoint Audio, VIdeo and Collaboration