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Don't take my word for it - see what attendees said after the sessions:

Shelley was very thorough in her explanations and made OneDrive and SharePoint easy to understand - would recommend - Olivia Tubman

Shelley is very patient and made me feel comfortable with asking for further clarification. She was very receptive to intermittent questions as well.  This person wished to remain anonymous

Microsoft 365 is the perfect session to get a basic (and more) understanding of Microsoft 365 incl. all apps! Shelley is a great trainer and expert with lots of experience and so much knowledge. I could have listened to all her tips many more hours. With all features out there, Microsoft 365 seems like a wild jungle sometimes but the session helped me getting a few things sorted. I look forward to the next session!  This person wished to remain anonymous

I always come away from a presentation by Shelley with useful tips to incorporate into my day job - she has a clear & patient presenting style & her content always has some invaluable tips for streamlining and making processes more efficient. Kate Watson

Thank you very much for having the PowerPoint Masterclass for executive assistants. Shelley taught us practical but easy tips. So that we can work efficiently and precisely. Slide master can be tricky but after the session, no need to worry about working on a slide set with multiple slide masters. Clara Nakagawa

can't recommended Shelley's PowerPoint Masterclass highly enough. The whole sessions flowed through easily and logically, giving me confidence to set up a presentation from scratch. I'm not a beginner but am generally asked only to amend presentations. Her session was also full of great shortcut tips. Thank you Shelley! Jackie Paul

PowerPoint Masterclass for Assistants 

Get this Masterclass and improve your PowerPoint Skills.
Master the Slide Master
Colour Schemes and Themes
Working with Images
And dso much more.

Collaboration with Microsoft 365
OneDrive SharePoint and Teams

Learn about Microsfot 365, what it is and how everything fits together.
Find out how OneDrive works
What SharePoint is
When to save to OneDrive and when to save to SharePoint
How Microsoft Teams fits into the mix and is the glue that holds everyting together.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass for Assistants

This is coming soon.
Learn about managing your data and performing calculations that answer your questions.