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  •  Do you need help with a specific  problem? 
  • Perhaps you don't need a full course , just one part of it?
  • Shelley can work with you to solve whatever you need in the Microsoft Office sytem.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need to book Shelley for a One to One Power Session.

Here's How it works

Figure out your learning need

Only you know what you want to learn, once you know this, you can book in your Power Session.

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The power session has two versions.
90 minutes for £250
2 Hours - £350
3 hours - £450
Choose what you need or get in touch to book a quick chat to help you decide.

What can we learn in a virtual live training session?

Choose your package

Microsoft Excel

From the basics - all about number formats, building formulae from scratch and using Autofill to generate a list.
Manage your Data - sort and filter your data , set it up as a Table, Create a Pivot Table
Formula and Functions - SumIf, SumIfs, Vlookups, If statements and more.

Microsoft Word

Create a report along with all the elements that are needed.
Tables and Mail Merge
Styles and Templates
and a whole lot more .

Microsoft PowerPoint

Set up your Slides for Success - create a Slide Master, Customise your colours and theme, speed things up with Design Ideas. Add pizazz with icons and images and whole lot more. 

Microsoft Outlook 

End your Outlook Overwhelm by getting your Inbox under control. Use Quicksteps and Rules, manage your calendar and use the Scheduling Assistant to book meetings 

Microsoft Teams

How to use Microsoft Teams whilst using Microsoft Teams. Set up your Teams and Channels, add members, add applications to channels and collaborate on files.

About Shelley Fishel

Shelley didn’t get the education she wanted when she was younger. By the time she was 17, she had left school to take over running her father’s business. So, she’s always had a head for organizing. Give her a list and she’s happy. Done √ Next!  

When her kids grew, and she moved back into the workforce 25 years ago she streamlined admin processes and then found a wonderful training company where she learned her trade as a trainer.  Her next step was starting her own training company.

She discovered she loved working with PAs and EAs. She gets how they think and what they do. They have lots of different responsibilities and contacts; they’re the lynchpin, sorting everything and everybody out. And above all, their goal is to help their executive perform at their best.

Shelley can relate to that, because she wants nothing more than to help YOU perform at your best.  

Over the years she’s realized that she loves to break down complex activities into simple steps that she can explain in a step-by-step practical way. #loveroflists  

Even though she is a Microsoft expert, having sold over 2.5 million books about Microsoft techniques, translated into several languages, she prefers to say she helps you get things done quicker, easier, and more elegantly (and without drowning in Google first).    

As one of her long-term clients said about her recently: “Shelley’s like the angel on my shoulder”.

Feedback from happy participants

You should book a one to one session with Shelley because you will receive top class training specific to your needs and learn at your own pace.

Christina Carlon
MDG Group

If you need help with Microsoft TEAMS, PowerPoint, or anything else in the Microsoft Office area, Shelley is the best. Next week I deliver my first TEAMS session, and TEAMS scares me to death, so I booked a one-on-one session with her to learn it as I'd heard it was nothing like Zoom. Shelley was AWESOME!!! I stopped her about a kazilion times along the way, and each time she patiently backtracked and explained, causing us to go way overtime. She cared about the results, about making sure that I felt safe, and I really do! For those of you who may want to upskill your VAs, she specialises in this area too. Totally recommend her!

Mariana Pascal

Shelley has provided some amazing training for one of my team.. From our initial conversation Shelley immediately understood what I needed and was happy to offer bespoke training that matched the brief perfectly. My VA was blown away by Shelley's passion and knowledge of Microsoft Teams - thank you SO much Shelley, you are awesome.

Rebecca Newhenham
Get Ahead VA